About Us – The Grain Free Pantry

From home baker to a grain free bakery!

It all started with a chance encounter with my former tutor, nutritionist & friend Anne Maher – who has since trained as a GAPS Practitioner. Anne has always known of my love of baking and asked if i would be interested in baking grain free goods for GAPS families who were struggling to find time to bake.

I can honestly say I had never heard of GAPS! Curiosity got the better of me and fascinated by the diet developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride and the success stories – I was hooked.

Anne held a personal workshop for me in her kitchen/laboratory where she opened my eyes to the wonder of homemade yogurt, Kefir, kombucha, fermented food and most importantly grain free baking. I made my first nut flour loaf in her kitchen that day and spent many happy months
afterwards developing my recipes.

The first parents Anne put me in contact with in the summer of 2012 were Eleanor and Brendan who have a son – Adam (Adi) – who has autism. This fantastic family will always remain close to my heart and it is with great joy that I hear of all the progress he has made. The first bread I baked for Adam was an almond bread now called Adi’s bread in honour of my first customer.

My customer base is now very wide and varied from those following healing diets such
as GAPS, SCD and Paleo, to those who want a healthier lifestyle and natural unprocessed food.
I would like to thank my very patient family – who didn’t complain (much) when dinner was
late or they were banned from the kitchen as I was in the middle of my latest experiment!
I would also like all my tasters (guinea pigs) to know how much I appreciate their input and feedback.

Thanks to Marie – owner of The Health Shop Tipperary for all her help sourcing
ingredients, letting me use her shop as a drop off point for orders and for her continued support.

Last but not least a big thank you to Anne for introducing me to grain free baking and for all the
advice and support since.

Interesting links: www.gaps.me